Garnet Hospitality Partners

Garnet Hospitality Partners is a management and advisory firm providing hospitality investment and asset management expertise with distinguished industry knowledge on the Italian market. Its flexible structure, composed of a core team and a network of partners, allows the firm to support its clients along the entire investment cycle, from origination, through value-creation to disposal. Garnet aims at building openended partnerships with selected players acting as point of contact for any investment executed within the hospitality space.

Hotel Management Company’s Legacy

Garnet Hospitality Partners was established in 2020 by Tommaso Valle and Pierpaolo Bernardi and derives from the spin-off of the corporate development function of JSH Hotels & Resorts, an Italian white label hotel management company operational from 2010 to 2019.

Garnet is an independent platform benefiting from a solid operational background in the hotel industry. Such legacy and expertise allows the firm to adopt a hands-on, detailed and personal advisory approach while serving its clients in a sophisticated and structured manner.

Garnet provides high quality advisory based on first-hand know-how and attention to details, positioning itself between the large consulting and brokerage firms and local independent advisors.