Full Investment Cycle Management Advisory

Development & Acquisition

  • Sourcing of investment opportunities with focus on the Italian market;
  • Operational underwriting, financial analysis and DD with expertise on all product categories including hotels, resorts, hostels and hybrid products;
  • Identification of optimal value-add strategies aimed at maximizing investment return, also in partnership with external advisors;
  • Travel and hospitality research and data analytics to support entry strategies.

Management Advisory

Asset management activities aimed at maximising operational value including:

    1. Positioning, concept and product layout definition;
    2. Capex assessment, interior design evaluation and identification of relevant partners for its execution;
    3. Branding strategy implementation;
    4. Staffing needs analysis, evaluation and integration;
    5. Implementation of operational structure;
    6. Performance monitoring and optimization.

Feasibility & Advisory

Market analysis and full hotel feasibility studies to evaluate investment and repositioning opportunities.

Exit Strategy

Identification of exit solutions from a specific investment in collaboration with Garnet’s parters network. Asset management activities aimed at the dismissal of the asset(s). Financial analysis support. Negotiation support and coordination of all activities carried out by other advisors (legal, tax and technical).